The ‘Mo’hits mansion’ – once home to D’banj, Don Jazzy and the rest of the Mo’hits crew, has been abandoned.

The property, situated in Maryland, in Ikeja, Lagos, was the headquarters of all Mo’hits activities for years, and the holding place, for anyone that had anything serious to do with the label. But that is no longer so, as our reporters found out recently.

A NET reporter, who visited the Maryland property says both entrances have been locked, the premises looks unkempt, the building’s windows are wide open with no curtains, suggesting there have been no occupants for a while.

After hanging around there for over five hours, our reporter confirmed there was no movement in or around the premises. A security guard next to the building happily told NET that the Mo’Hits crew left the building about five months ago. ‘Na D’banj and Don Jazzy house before but dem no dey come here again since last year.’

Meanwhile, neighbours confirmed that there haven’t been any new faces around the building since the Mo’Hits crew left. Interestingly, there’s no advertisement showing the property is up for let or lease; but we could not immediately confirm if the label’s rent is still running or if they had bought over the property.

‘If their rent was not running, and they don’t own the property, trust me, the owners would have put it up for rent since’, an estate agent working around the area tells us. ‘This is a very private and high demand area, so I’m sure there’s a reason it’s just lying there’.

In late 2010, D’banj and Don Jazzy moved out of the Maryland duplex into their Lekki residence, leaving Dr SID and Wande Coal in the ‘Mo’hits mansion’. SID and Wande would later move into separate apartments in the popular 1004 complex in Victoria Island.

We’re told D’Prince has also moved into a Lekki apartment, with his parents who have just relocated from Ireland; while Kay Switch is in the US.

Following the Mo’Hits fiasco, Don Jazzy moved out of the Lekki home he shared with D’banj; settling for a duplex inside the super expensive NICON Estate, also in Lekki, Lagos. Insiders tell us D’banj now has control of their joint Lekki property, although he now spends most of his time in the US and UK where he’s working to break into the mainstream international scene.

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