Planning a bachelor party can quickly spiral out of financial control. At first you think you are simply dealing with accommodation and activities. Then you realise you all have to pay for transport as well. Then you realise you have to have money left over for food and drink. It soon mounts up – and if you are not able to keep a rein on it then you run the risk of having people drop out because they can’t afford it, or of people not having as good a time as they should because they are having to watch what they spend.

There is of course a secret to budgeting. The secret is the same whether you are planning a bachelor party or buying a house, and it is this. You never spend more than you can afford to spend. So you start by working out what each member of your group can comfortably spend and you set that as the highest total figure.

You actually need to make a decision at this point. The decision should not be made by you but by the groom to be. Would he prefer to have all his friends come on his bachelor party, or does he have something specific that he wished to do, which may rule some of those friends out because of cost?

The groom should be making the rules for everything, because it is his party. So don’t be afraid to consult him at every stage of the game. Ultimately it is the groom who sets the budget, so if he is happy to do something more expensive and rule out a few guests as a result then that is the way to do it.

Cutting down on certain costs is easy when you know how. If you want to go away for a bachelor weekend, then do it with a package provider. This is one time when package touring really does make sense. You’re trying to control a large group of potentially drunk men, so you need a plan – and if there’s one thing a package tour operator is guaranteed to give you, it’s a plan. You can arrange the whole thing from soup to nuts before you go, and then you’ll have an unshakeable itinerary to stick to when you get there.

Actually, an itinerary should be law for every bachelor party whether you have planned t through a package tour operator or not. Even if you decide to stay at home (which is a great way to control costs) you need a plan to keep the mood going. Remember lots of the people going on this party won’t know each other, so you have to have a lot of stuff for everyone to do, to prevent the whole occasion from descending into awkward silence.

I’m not talking about an itemised to the minute plan that fills every moment of the day – but I am talking about a list of stuff to do at certain parts of the day, plus a list of emergency backup plans if it rains, or if people get too drunk to do what you originally planned to do. Having a few drinking games stashed in your back pocket is always a good idea.

Oh, and as best man or party planner – sorry dude, but it’s your job to stay relatively sober. That’s just the way the cookie rolls I’m afraid.
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