"Here, the models on the market with best price-prevention systems and economic vulnerability. A listing must."

Experimentation Center and Road Safety (CESVI) elected for the fifth consecutive year the safest car of the year, and its various segments: City Car, Small, Medium, Medium-Large, Large and SUV.

Only these cars had qualified to compete with those with dual front airbags, Antilock Brake System (ABS) and headrests on all seats. In addition we evaluated the input versions are the most accessible and yet the most devoid of elements of prevention.

When evaluating also analyzed more than 150 items and factors depending on the security provided by the car to its occupants, with the main criterion to assess the price-security. This is expressed as a ratio of the Security Index, an indicator that analysts provide security based on passive, active and vehicle structural behavior, taking into account the market price of the model.

Style Cars interviewed Fabian Pons, general manager of CESVI Argentina, who gave an overview of the level of our country: "In vehicles of Argentina and Mercosur, it is paramount that the cars possess a system of airbags and ABS. Today is very small the amount they have other technology, such as stability control. Globally, the system is working with Aboild and Colission (indicating shock), and obviously far away in the Latin American market. "

Only by 2014 will be mandatory that all cars have dual airbags and ABS, two indispensable items. Pons added a data regarding compliance with the law: "Necessarily, in 2013, 60% of production sold in our country is going to have to have dual airbags and ABS."

This view coincides with a recent report by the Latin NCAP, an international organization that stressed the need to add security measures on the units sold in the Mercosur.

The eight winners

The winners were eight cars, and this is a review of the arguments that were based from CESVI for your choice. Prices are based on data from ACARA (Automobile Dealers Association of Argentina), updated December.

Category golden boy and car: Ford Fiesta sedan Kinetic Design / Price: $ 95,000

Emphasizes active safety: ABS, Stability Control (ESP) and Traction Control. It also includes steering control of hardness. When it comes to passive safety, reaches a score close to the ideal because it comes equipped with 7 airbags, and child safety anchors includes upper and lower warning system post-collision beacon automatically activated if the horn a violent deceleration.

The sale price gives a price-product hard to beat. He won easily among children and also prevailed among all segments to keep the Gold Award in Auto safety.

Category City Cars: Chevrolet Spark / Price: $ 74,800

The 2011 model car of this city, he earned the award for their front airbags for driver and passenger, ABS, front and rear fog lights, five head restraints and front seatbelts with pretensions. It also has an alarm that is activated in the absence of placement of the front seat belts.

Medium Category: Nissan Tiida / Price: U $ s 23,600

A classic in the awards for the safest. It has disc brakes on all four wheels, ABS and Emergency Brake System (BAS). It is also equipped with front airbags for driver and passenger and front side. Anchors are highlighted ISOFIX child safety seats, and forget Beep belts.

Category medium - large: Volkswagen Vento / Price: $ 137,100

ABS, Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Traction Control and disc brakes on all four wheels are some of their characteristics. Also these cars are having front airbags, front seatbelts with pretensions and anchors for child safety seats and legs.

In an increasingly tight category, the Vento appears as a good alternative also sets benchmarks in security.

Large category: Renault Latitude / Price: U $ s 36,900

Provides large safety equipment. Airbags front, side, front and curtain. Includes ISOFIX Top Tether and in the rear seats. Also have the Stability and Traction Control, Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). Something to note: there are elements that are related to comfort, but that directly affect the safety and the rain sensor, dusk and parking.

SUV category: Peugeot 3008 / Price: $ 161,300

the 3008 differs from the rest thanks to the ABS, electronic distribution of braking forces (EBD) Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) and the Stability Control (ESP). Should there be a sharp slowdown or an impact, it also has front airbags and curtain airbags that protect passengers. On the other hand, has front and rear fog lights and automatic activation of hazard lights.

MAPFRE Award for Excellence: BMW 7 Series / Price: $ 450,000 (Model 750)

The 7 Series features excellent dynamic behavior resulting in ride comfort but also safety in driving.

Special Mention - Industrial Argentina: Peugeot 408 / Price: $ 120,000

The Allure, basic version incorporates security features typical of other segments: ABS, BAS, EBD, front airbags and fog lamps. Also, if a disaster occurs activates two major systems: automatic fuel cut before impact and automatic lights to emergency braking.

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