Jet setting out of La La land on a trip to Lonodn, Rihanna was seen catching a flight out of LAX Airport in Los Angeles, CA on Friday (May 18).

The “Talk That Talk” songstress kept it casual in skinny jeans, a zip up hoodie and Jordan tennis shoes as she made her way through the Tinseltown terminal en route to her outbound aircraft.

Once arriving, the Barbadian beauty made a stop at one of her favorite restaurants in the area that gives her a little taste of her hometown.

Taking to her Twitter page to post a picture of the “Ochi Caribbean” take away restaurant, RiRi left a caption reading, “ #London in da hood at my fav spot.”

In career news, we know the Grammy award-winning singer can handle the music business, but it sounds as if acting came as more of a “challenge.”

In a recent interview with MTV News, Rihanna dished about her acting debut in “Battleship,” saying, “For me, acting was a whole different world. We make mini-movies with music videos, but there's always a song track that's playing, you don't have to speak, so [with acting] you have to tell that emotion with the tone of your voice, and I have an accent, so I had to change it to a bit of an American accent for this movie, so that was different.”

Now that the 24 year-old has some experience in the artistic medium, will she return for another go around? "There's nothing you can have under your belt with acting, not in my opinion, because I'm not a natural. This isn't my first [career choice], so I don't know. I think it's always going to be a challenge for me, but I like that."

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